Thursday, 10 March 2011

Nanny McNo-Thank-you

It turns out that after all that, I don't think a nanny job is for me! I went to an interview today in a rich person's house in the middle of Camden. It was a beautiful area with lots of character and gorgeous houses mansions. I went in and met a nice lady who was holding her cute 2 year old son, with a housekeeper floating in the background. It was very strange, she asked me questions like, "did you go to boarding school?" "Are you married?" and the regular questions. I didn't do too bad with my answers, but I don't think I emanated enthusiasm, and it's because it just wasn't there. I realised in that moment that I do not want to work in this environment! I'd love to be a nanny for a working class, or even middle class mum of 3, but they just can't afford one so that isn't going to happen! I think I'll stick with the arts and crafts sessions and play work and leave the nanny jobs to the rich-tolerant people of the world. I gave it my all nonetheless but I won't be disappointed when she tells me she has opted for someone with more experience.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Killer Cover Letter

27th Feb - 4th March
I was working with my aunt and her three kids in Brighton this week and felt inspired by being with them and hearing about my acceptance onto a childcare course so I wrote a KILLER cover letter for nanny jobs. I posted an advert online, and applied to about 20 adverts. I recommend doing this, just write a long, passionate cover letter about how you would be perfect for a job. If you're writing an advert you should include bullet points that highlight important points and make you look better!

Here's a basic structure for a killer cover letter:
Dear "Insert name",
Firstly talk about yourself and your interests/qualifications. Mention what you would like to do, and why you are applying for this job.

Then talk about your most relevant experience. Be thorough! Give as many personal details as possible that make you unique and not just listing the duties of a job (examples etc.) and show off any knowledge and skills gained or used.

If you have done any voluntary work, mention this too. And here is where I throw in any relevant training that I have done, eg. did your last job train you up in the safe use of chemicals?

Then bring in some less relevant stuff but make it relevant, so you can mention any skills that you gained that would be useful in the role. Remember to keep giving examples.

Now mention your hobbies/interests and personal life, and how your experience of day to day living also equips you with the right skills for the job!

And then any irrelevant jobs you've done, but again list how any tasks or skills could be useful in the new role.

Close with a summary of yourself and any skills you haven't mentioned. For example, say that you are hard working and pro-active, or able to work unsupervised. Imagine you are answering the question, "Why should I hire you?"

And finish with a formal yet friendly ending, thanking them for their time and consideration. Remember not to suck up too much!

Yours sincerely