Curriculum Vitae

Unemployed Graduate, Desperate Job seeker, JSA scum

Personal Profile:

Friendly, polite individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Enjoys working with people, except when they're rude to her. Hard working, reliable, honest and completely desperate to work. Shows dedication and commitment (towards job hunting) even in the face of rejection. Open to working in a variety of roles, can't afford to care what jobs she gets, has high levels of tolerance (but won't be a waitress any more). Suffers from poor interviewing skills, and nervousness that stops her performing well. Puts a lot of pressure on herself, is so desperate for work that she can't handle the pressure of interviews. Can't afford rent, in debt to friends, bank, etc. Generally depressed, feeling defeated and sorry for herself. Ideally would like to be an artist and workshop leader; working with children as well as making artworks. Would be suited to any care role, and wouldn't mind being a cleaner as likes things to be clean.

  • A pointless degree in Fine Art and History of Art from Goldsmiths College (2.1)
  • A Foundation Diploma (no-one even seems to know what that is) in Art and Design- Fine Art (PASS) It sucked anyway.
  • A-Level: Art, DT, Physics, AS Level: English Literature
  • GCSEs (who cares about these really?) maths, double science, English lit/lang, French, geography, fine art, design technology, religious education.


2 weeks in 2010: Catering Assistant (Dinner lady in a bus drivers canteen), £6.09/hour
3 months in 2010: Museum Intern, unpaid
1 year and 2 months 2009-2010: Front of House Assistant (in an art gallery) unpaid
1 month in 2010: Waitress (GBK), £6/hour
3 months in 2010: Catering Assistant (sandwich maker), £6/hour
5 months in 2009: Breakfast Waitress (in a hotel restaurant), £5.75/hour
2 months in 2009: Hospitality staff (for an agency), £6.50/hour
3 months in 2009: Unlicensed Event Steward (at music festivals), £5.50/hour
4 months in 2008: General Assistant (at a bingo club), £5.75/hour
1 week in 2008: Arts and Crafts Facilitator (art workshops), £50/day
1 month in 2007: Painter and Decorator's Assistant, £100/week
1 month in 2007: Events Staff (another agency), £5.50/hour
1 year and 3 months 2005-06 and again for 3 months 2006-2007: Waitress (family pub/restaurant), £4.25/ hour
2003-2006:Volunteer (various places in local community)
2001-2003: Paper round (child labour), £11/week
Also a freelance mentor helping people with job applications. Unpaid.

Key Skills:

IT, communication, problem solving, creativity, organisational, presentation, budgeting, administrative, planning, enthusiasm, self-discipline, time-management, relationship-building, technical, practical, work ethics, hard working, attention to detail, caring, sensitive to the needs of others, non-judgemental, numerical, tactful, team working, good initiative, health and safety compliant, able to meet deadlines, willing to learn, flexible, adaptive, able to work on own, knowledge of art history, customer service, multicultural sensitivity.


Stress Management, Lambeth Volunteer Centre, 2011
Back to work: Finding and Applying for Employment, a4e, 2011
Food Safe Level 1, NCASS, 2010
Art Handling, CAC, 2009
Silver Service Waiting, Admiral, 2009
Customer Service Excellence, Greene King Ltd. 2006
Basic First Aid, Greenwich community college, 2005

Key Achievements:
  • Bosses have begged me to stay: hotel, sandwich maker job, canteen, GBK, gallery and volunteer co-ordinators. 
  • Helped to improve visitor experience for future visitors to the SNM.
  • Trained new staff in sandwich maker job, hotel and pub.
  • Thought up a chart to help with bulk orders when in hotel which benefited all staff
  • Ran weekly sessions in the museum to help staff learn English/learn about museums in UK
  • Survived in a foreign country for 3 months
  • Got a first in my degree show and sold copies of my work
  • Received 2 awards for my success in summer school at Camberwell – 3D design and sculpture
  • Was always involved in extra curricular activities at school including design project called “joinedupdesignforschools”
  • Received positive feedback from play writing courses at the National Theatre and Royal Court Theatre, they liked my work and encouraged me to develop it to production level
  • Got loads of certificates for community and mentoring/voluntary work completed
  • Probably more that I can't think of because I feel so worthless right now.

Interests and Activities

CULTURAL > Going to museums and galleries, going to the theatre when I can afford it, going to the opera when I can get free tickets, going to the cinema for escapism especially in other countries.
SOCIAL > Getting drunk and dancing with friends, holding dinner parties, playing scrabble/board games, picnics,
CREATIVE > Drawing and painting, making cards, cross stitching, life drawing, making people's birthday presents, making videos, digitally editing pictures, creative writing- plays, stories and poems.
PRACTICAL/ACTIVE> Cooking, making things, DIY, running, swimming, dancing, ice skating.