Thursday, 10 March 2011

Nanny McNo-Thank-you

It turns out that after all that, I don't think a nanny job is for me! I went to an interview today in a rich person's house in the middle of Camden. It was a beautiful area with lots of character and gorgeous houses mansions. I went in and met a nice lady who was holding her cute 2 year old son, with a housekeeper floating in the background. It was very strange, she asked me questions like, "did you go to boarding school?" "Are you married?" and the regular questions. I didn't do too bad with my answers, but I don't think I emanated enthusiasm, and it's because it just wasn't there. I realised in that moment that I do not want to work in this environment! I'd love to be a nanny for a working class, or even middle class mum of 3, but they just can't afford one so that isn't going to happen! I think I'll stick with the arts and crafts sessions and play work and leave the nanny jobs to the rich-tolerant people of the world. I gave it my all nonetheless but I won't be disappointed when she tells me she has opted for someone with more experience.

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