Covering Letter

Dear Reader,
I am writing to you to apply for your attention on my blog. I am a recent graduate, and have experience applying for over a hundred jobs in the last month, and good awareness of the fact that we are facing the hardest time to get a job since the 1980s. I am writing this blog because I want to document this experience of being unemployed and hopefully receive feedback from other people in the same situation.

I am able to recognise that it is not just me suffering from unemployment, and have acknowledged the near pointlessness of spending all that money on a degree (especially in the arts). I am increasingly angered by the expectation of young people to do unpaid work. I have good knowledge of the job market, and good CV/application writing skills but recognise the fact that it's nearly impossible to get a job because there are just so many people applying for them. I have even been applying for work that I am over qualified to do, but I have to wonder if employers even read all the applications they receive.

I also have good observational skills, and believe that the job centre is dysfunctional and somewhat rubbish. Whilst I am appreciative of benefits without which I would be even worse off, I think the jobcentre do not have the capacity to help all of the people who are actually seeking work. (I do however commend the directgov website) I am sensitive to the needs of vulnerable people who can't find work, and would myself like to work helping people to find employment. I think it is ridiculous that the government are scrapping free organisations such as connexions, and basically neglecting young people.

Above all I am a hard working, reliable and motivated person, who is working really hard to find a job. I do however, struggle with interviews, particularly because of the pressure I put on myself to get the job. I hope that this blog won't go on forever, but for now I'll keep you posted on my efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I look forward to hearing from you; feel free to comment, offer advice or even better; give me a job.
Yours Faithfully

Another unemployed graduate