Saturday, 12 February 2011


Today I haven't applied for any jobs. It's the day I decided to start this blog. I have felt really down, guilty, worthless and worn out. I was sat at the train station watching people go past, and I felt like I was distanced from the rest of society. I felt like a lazy, worthless, pathetic person who doesn't deserve to be alive. It was like everyone who looked at me could see how much of a failure I am because I can't get a job. I felt guilty for having a drink with my friends on Friday night and not being sat at home searching for jobs. But when I did get home, I couldn't concentrate properly, and just felt emotionally drained. I'm tired of feeling like a failure, I don't even get rejections any more. Being ignored by employers is the same as people being ignored by the government, helping people get into employment isn't just about getting them money or reducing the amount of money spent on benefits, it's about improving the quality of life, the wellbeing and the satisfsction of individuals and helping them to feel a part of society rather than an outcast, and a burden.

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  1. I get you. I totally get what you're on about, it's as if I wrote this myself. I graduated with a degree in psychology in july 2009, bummed around for a bit, thinking I could just walk into a job after the summer- except, it seems nobody wants me either. Stick at it, fellow jobless bum! We'll get there eventually.