Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"Youth unemployment: Fears over record figures"

Everyone's talking about unemployment among the youths this week, well they should try living it! With jobs no longer wanting to train people, and new rules on minimum wage and young people being paid properly it's no wonder no-one wants to employ us. It comes down to the simplest cycle: you have to get experience to get a job, you have to get a job to get experience... so what can we do? I have done years of voluntary work and employers don't really care about it, they want paid experience. They want you to step into a job and immediately know what you're doing so they don't have to bother with you. And with the amount of people coming to the UK to work, they can get that easily. So why would they make the effort of employing someone who has just left education?

Cameron says he wants to help young people, well then why make cuts to the most popular, effective scheme for young people- connexions... Hasn't anybody noticed that these increases in youth employment have shot up since 'the coalition' took power? Cameron, it is a matter of "great regret". The regret being: Why didn't we all just vote labour?

Article on BBC News
"Mr Cameron said that the unemployment figures, and particularly youth unemployment, were a matter of great regret."
Another article
"The dire jobs market is hurting young people more than older workers."
Independent -
"Steven Kirkpatrick, managing director of recruitment firm Adecco, said: 'There is still an imbalance between the number of new roles becoming available and the high proportion of people seeking employment.'"
"The number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance increased by 2,400 in January to 1.46 million, with the number of female claimants rising for the seventh month in a row to reach almost 450,000, the highest figure since 1996."

Jobs applied for today:
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