Sunday, 13 February 2011

CRB Checks have been scrapped!

Jobs applied for today:
  • Employment Consultant, Directgov.
  • Live out Nanny for 2 kids and 1 baby, gumtree.
  • Nanny for 6 year old girl, gumtree

This is my first time applying for a nanny job, I figure it's like being paid to be a mum, and maybe it would stop my broodyness. I can do this. Surely. Who knows? I don't actually have an NVQ in childcare, nor am I registered with ofsted but we'll see if my experience teaching art, and helping to bring up my sisters is enough. I wrote a detailed application, and even went so far as to send them pictures and information about my family.

But most significantly, did you know... They've scrapped CRB checks! A bit weird, but it'll save me hassle and money when applying for jobs in childcare! (Go on, See for yourself) Was it a bit cheeky of me to slip that in to my application just so that they knew?

What do people think about CRB checks anyway; invasive or necessary? I personally have nothing to hide so am not bothered by them, and saw them as nothing more than a hassle, but did it make all the mummys and daddys out there feel more comfortable about hiring someone to look after their kids, and how will it affect them? 

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